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Season 5 - DRAMA


Hidden Screenplays Never Get Produced...

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The Filmmatic Screenplay Awards were created to locate and expose up-and-coming screenwriters, as well as to empower and educate those talented writers still waiting for their invitation to the mainstream industry.


The DRAMA Competition is open to feature-length and short works, screenplays and teleplays.


All Finalists, Winners and Honorees will be announced by June 15, 2019.

Press + Exposure

Cash Prize

Virtual PitchFest Pkgs

Press and Exposure for all Winners, Honorees and Finalists.


- Via our list of 24k industry professionals + outside media + our growing list of reviewing managers and producers.

Our Honorees will all receive screenplay listing packages from our good friends at InkTip.  ($60 Value)


InkTip has a network of 4000+ Industry Professionals.  300+ films have been made from scripts/writers found through InkTip, and each year, an average of 28 movies go into production from writers found through InkTip.


1)   Pick a Producer

2)  Send a written Query

3)  Receive Response in

    5 Days!


The top 3 Honorees will  receive a Virtual Pitchfest Package, so you can reach out directly to production companies immediately after the competition wraps!

The Overall Winner will receive $500.00 cash.    





Luarels will be awarded to:


Season 4 of the Filmmatic Screenplay Awards would like to thank

our Competition Sponsors!  




Competition is open to all Screenplays & Pilots


Earlybird Deadline - JANUARY 31, 2020

Regular Deadline - FEBRUARY 29, 2020

Late Deadline - MARCH 31, 2020

Extended Deadline - APRIL 30, 2020

*Results Post by JUNE 15, 2020

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InkTip Packages

All entrants will receive a VIP invitation to Filmmatic's 9th annual Sundance Film Festival networking event!


(Normally held the opening Monday of the fest)

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  • Drama - Feature


  • Drama - TV Pilot


  • Drama - Short

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"Hidden Screenplays Never

Get Produced..."

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