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2019 - Season 4 WINNERS

Congratulations to:





"Summerscape"  by  Michael  Brockman 





LA Walks in Winter    Djinn Diamond  


Polygone    Shay Terrel


Pretend We Never Met    Steve Miranda


Dark Horizons    Carlo and Erin Carere


The Outskirts of Paradise    Montgomery Burt


City of Trees    Christian Lybrook


Coastal Shelf    Michael Berlind


The Art of Taking a Dive    Stephen Graf


The Enterprise    Marisa Forrest


Cannabiz    Shane Elizabeth






True Love Travels on a Gravle Road    Charles David Jones


To Be Free    Susan Flakes  


Impasse    John Staats        


Arrowtown    Tanya Wheeler


Rose and Betsy    Maria Sanchez


Growing Up Crazy    Jane Peters


The Morning After    Leanne Mangan


Dreamland is Burning    Michael Goedecke


Desmond's Not Here Anymore    Lindiwe Mueller-Westernhagen


Starchart    Gino DeMarco


Soul to Squeeze    Alex Arabian


Killer Kisses    Scott Wheeler


On the Eve of Epiphany    Despina Moraitou Politzi


Robert Smalls    John Harris


My Land, My Nile    Maria Abdelrahman


White Christmas    Shia Labeouf


Pack    Aaron Wasserteil


The Queen Of Caspary    Laura Solow


Blue Comedy    Vincent Accettola


The Hero in 9B    Michael  Horwitz


The Tower    Ed Wiles


Dang Dina    Christina Shaver


Flying Bird's Diary    Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel


Silicon Caesar    Chuck Griffith


Foreverly    Ray O'Conorr


Springerle    Finley Mulligan


Quicker Hands    George Wilson


W. Smith    Sophie Hexter


Babylon    Mariah Robinson


Drifting On The Moon    Curt Crane


Scuppernongs    Lynne Ashe


The Inventors    Ronald Drescher


The Hardest Hit    Sam Juergens


Rust    Justin Moran


Blood and Ash    Kenneth Sanabria


Stuck    Deshja Driggs-Hall


Poachers    Adam Etheridge


I am Sunshine    Michael Hewitt


Daniel de Bosola    Oleg Meshrin


Carpetbaggers    Matt Thomas


The Rose    Tavyn Gentry


Guardian Angel     Jonathan Roufaeal


Warm Brothers    William Gorgensen


In Between The River    Tishia Malone


Gota Fria    Dan John Witherall, Colin Adams-Toomey


Father Figure    Edith Cheng


Losing Faith on Route 215    Melinda Hicks


Death Games      Bobby Gorman


The Delivery    Gil Seltzer


A Beautiful Improbability    Guilherme Viegas


The Empath    Steve Brown


Queen of All    Nicholas Carleton


Cerebral    A.J. "Alex" Avila


A Note from an Old Acquaintance    Bill Walker


Reset    Emily McDermott


Lying Eyes    Dane McCauley


The Unwanted    Freddy Boutros


The Last Templar    Rick Abercrombie


Soldiers Creed    David Strauss


In Gods We Trust    Afonso Henrique, Marcelino Sorza


The Sweet Science    Alec McKay


The Shipyard    Will Berry


The Lost Brigade    Paul Joseph Gulino


The Storm King    Vin Morreale jr


Mojo    Joanne Bellew


Desert Quarry    James Palmer


On The Verge    Yair Karlber


Surprise    Divorce    


Don    Alberto Battistutti


Friends or Foes    Tim Quinn


The Milk Route    Michael Begg


Exposure    Joseph Kisch


Chocolate    Thiago Dadalt


The Journey    Dave Thomas


Bella Loba    Florence Nahon


The Copeland Kids    Cecilia Copeland


Eddie the King    Philip Bryan Lombardi


At the Mercy of Faith    Samuel Taylor


Killer Whales    Alan Lambert


A Four-Sided Bed    Elizabeth Searle


What's to Come    Jake Hunter


Dire Consequences    Joseph M Leone


Libertine    Stephanie Zoe Warncke


Wheels Up    Duane Tollison, Robert K. Benson


Cheremere    Paolo Taddei


This Is The Last Time    Jeff Bretl


When Two Ends Meet    Tom Tanno


29 Miles to Epsom    Ken Kemp


Southie Won't Go!    Jared Goodman


Triangle     Akiva Penaloza


Evolution, The Awakening    Mark McQuown


Franklin, Underwater    Emily Carlton, Kevin Pohl


The Bliss Killer    LeLe Park


Dead Shot Mary    Robert K. Benson


Axiom    Paul Smith


The Best Solution Ever    Joe Hardy Jr.


Blu    Robert Cole


The Days After    Frederico Vicino


Quintana    William LiPera


Birthmom    James Hsiao


The Drama Awards Staff would like to congratulate each and every Season 4 entrant.  Many talk about writing a screenplay or pilot, a small percentage actually sit down and grind it out.


We received many wonderful entries, boiling those down to the results shown here was not an easy task.  Thanks again to all who entered, have a great summer, and keep on writing!