Screenplay Awards



The 2017 Filmmatic

Screenplay Awards Winners...


Congratulations to:

Jeffrey Lee Dupree - Santa Klawn

Our Season 2 Overall Winner!



(*** denotes categorical winner)




Michael P Brennan - Hell Breakers

Sojean Peou - Crossbow Wars

Mark Donnell - Rectitude

Theodore Soderberg - Dead Cargo

Bradley Stryker - Dragon Run***

Josh Thorud & Josh Katz - Jump Start

Christopher Ellis - The Rampart

Scott Simpson - The Mackenzie Breakout

James Carroll - Resurrection Time Conspiracy

John T. Frederick - The Myth of Western Dragons





Jack Kelly - Buses

Jason Petrovitch - The Bold Testament***

David Kurtz - Charmer

Aaron Kozak - Hal Hitler

Maria Krovatin - Matter & Manner

Craig Horwitz & Anthony Vollmer - Fear, There & Everywhere

Steve Pang - Hairyman

Robert Cole - Ghost Story

Anthony Renwick McGill - Amazons Inc.

John T. Frederick - Running Blind





Joe Kilgore - The Horse Killer

Thomas James - Wireless

Gael Metroz & Laura G. Broto - Black Turban

Victoria Angelique - The Strength of Women

Lisa N. Edwards & Sonita Singh - Blink

Christopher Wood - The Quiet

Paul Gross - Diminuendo

Chelese Belmont - False Targets

Bradley Stryker - Silent Hero***

Rachel Thomas-Medwid - The Joppa Flat





Jeanne Dukes - Good Again

Johnny B. Dunn - Free Range

John Dummer - The Moonbeam Fisherman

John Tupper - Spirit of the Rain***

Sherri Ettore Carlson - Heart of a Champion

Shon Little & Markus Baldwin - Jester King

Paul Mahoney - Aaron Aardvark and the Underground Railway

Gina Cresse - Doing Time in a Bottle

Greg Hill - The Wild Wild Witch

Robert Gately - The Barking Spider





John Morrison - Return of the Hero

Mary McKay - Strike

Scott LaFortune - Spoon Fed

Dan Tomasulo - American Snake Pit

Mario Rivas - Ole Miss

Cinzia Gagliardi - Please, Gentlemen, Ask Me Who I Am

Don Thompson - Message to Shigatse

Michael Graf - The Last Indian War

David Keogh - Cadeby

Scott Simpson - Callie Earlene***





Thomas Thorpe - Escape to Planet B346***

Joy Gee - Dragon Caller

Shaquan Ford - X:Men The Pheonix Saga Part 1

Qishi Li - Starship Rogue Dragon

James Bingham - The Dawn of Eve

Royce Adkins - BioPunks

Larry Thomas - The Paradox Man

Patrick Gardner - Crashing Earth

Jeffrey Howe - Cover Crop

Todd Sorrell - Parousia





Jeff Hassen & Sean Plemmons - Snake Oil

John Gillespie - Self Storage

Tom Rico - Hell is for Children - Dead Souls

Scott Hartman - The Donor

Eren Celeboglu - The Red Circle

Jeffrey Lee Dupree - Santa Klawn*** (Overall Winner)

Paul Corricelli - Inked in Blood

Jose Padilha - Lilith The Vampire

Christopher Blackwell - Double Vengeance

Jerry Cavallaro - Funny Devils





Cody May - Black Avenue

Samantha Morris - A Golden Valley

Jaclyn Powell - The Last Shred of Daylight

Zj Czupor - The Man in the Corner

Declan Mayfair - Baby Cindy

James Beeler - Aboriginal

Maryll Botula - Buttball

Mat Sheldon - The Dress

Jeffrey Howe - Saline County, Illinois***

Nikki Walin - Rebuild





M. Rowan Meyer - Patient

Augustine Covert - InMates

Casey Worst - The Terra Times***

Andrew DeCorse - Behind The Box

Michael Angelo - TheraPISSED!

Mark Turner - Seaside Chase

Andy Clifford - Greasy Palms

Jennifer Robbins - The Port

Christian Garzone - Tomato Sunshine

Jimmy Prosser - Flop and Rage





Joseph Lee - Home Front

Thad Donovan - Broken

Lili Matta - Carnation

Aria Buckley - Heard

Ana Loes - f7/f2

Bonnie Hendrickson - Little Dragon

Rachel Thomas-Medwid - The Lost Opera

Edmund Miller - Dueling Lady Miniseries

Scott Simpson - Kilgore Crude***

Robert Haskitt - Absence







*Congratulations to all of our Finalists and Winners, you should all be very proud of your work.   Special thanks to all of the hard-working writers that entered their screenplays and teleplays this season.  So many great scripts were submitted, we only wish we could give awards to them all!  Have a great fall everyone and keep on writing!


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