Screenplay Awards



The 2016 Filmmatic

Screenplay Awards Winners...


Congratulations to: Davin Affrunti - The Sower

 our 2016 Filmmatic Screenplay Awards Overall Winner!





Daniel Holland - Sleepless  *(Action/Adventure Winner!)

Kathryn Radmall - King of the Northlands

Michael Faunce-Brown - Hartley’s War

Samuel Laskey - The Fake

Michael Anthony Sajewski Jr - Quick & Painless

Samuel Tejeda - Dead Man Murrieta

Dave Petonic - ‘Neather Men

Luqman Raymond Whittinger - Quest for Mihte Lugh

Despina Moraitou Politzi - Epiphany

David Schroeder - Lost Cause





Benjamin Font - Manufacturing Co.  *(Comedy Winner!)

Joe Borg - The Stalker Cycle

Sean Plemmons - Old Nick

George Nicholas Collias - Finding Phoebe’s Fortune

Jeff Eagle - Blue Jobs

Mark Baltrinic - The AYCEholes

Kevin C. Wilson - Telemachus

Nicole Groton - Marrying Kinds

Kevin Campbell - Centerfold Mom

William Sims - Breeders ( or Zombies, Drag Queens and Shakespeare:  An American Revolution)*





David Greene & Sandy Tung - 100,000  *(Drama Winner!)

William H. Moldestad Jr. - Red Apple Tree

Braden Barton - Unconditional

David deCastro and Margaret Broucek - Like any Viper

Jeffrey Abelson - The Rise and Fall of Robert Johnson

Adam Fiske - A.K.

Jamee Decio - H.R. 116

Martin Ponferrada - Outside Meridian

R.J. Lewis - Dummy

Jordan Essary - Leave It Be





Giorgio Martignoni - Cocopa  *(Family Winner!)

Terry Kauffman - Goodbye, Kid.  Hurry Back

Guy Quigley - Soldiers of God

Sharon Patricia Burtner - Foam

SiewFeng (Kaede) Loh - The Talented Uncle Julien

Rosalyn Rosen - Jake:  The Power of Ruby

Peter Fink - Summer to Forget

Jared Lillis - Groundhogs

Gabriel Brugni - The White Lobster

Amy L. Kinzer - Can’t Turn Back





Derek Carlton - Okinawa: A Battle for Country, Love and Revenge *(Historical Winner!)

Debra Ann Pawlak & Cheryl Bartlam du Bois - Secret Hero

Jens-Frederik Otto - D-Day

Ira Altman - Red Crucible

Sam Bass - BASS REEVES, U.S. Marshal

Joe Murkijanian - Insight Hell on Earth

Ken Kimmelman and Mick Carlon - Riding on Duke’s Train

Peter Steinberg - Yankee Boy

Peter Israelson - Lion of the Sea

Jane Meador - Ribbons of Fall



Science Fiction


Tom Rico - The God Particle “Resurrection”  *(Science-Fiction Winner!)

Jim Falletta - Product 125

Gary Makin - Facsimile

Karleen Ann McSherry - Land of Light

Stephen Zurline - Exitus

Tom Rico - Northern Lights

Samuel Hilton - Mars Erupts

George Lewis - Mercy

Robert Rogers - Hell on Neptune

Steven Hill - Wayward Sun




Davin Affrunti - The Sower  (Thriller/Horror Winner!)*

Don Stroud & Winter Mead - Restoration

Terry Hayman - Dark Shelter

Will Maurer - 7th Son

Julian Myers - Violent Meditation

Paulo Biscaia Filho - Deviants - A Snuff Romance

Andy Rovira & Francisco Bustamante - Cake Rotten

Benjamin Owens - Only Make Believe

Jaime Fidalgo - Levanton

Kelly Jean Karam - Kidicide




Short Film (all types)


Justin Michael Terry - The Duel   (Short Winner!)

Ben Fiore - Condemned

Robert Cox - The Door

Daniel P. Douglas - Richter’s War

Edem Wornoo - Ripple 001: Archie's Insomnia

Maria Judice - Pushing Future Past

Nicholas Wyche - Ante Diem

Landen Celano - Halcyon Winter

Tom Grady - Symposium

Humayun Mirza - Destroyer of Worlds



TV - Comedy



Christiaan Kutlik - Vincent Locke: Villain-At-Law   *(TV-Comedy Winner!)

Parker Cross, Jr. - Ed’s Door & Window Co.  

Peter Steinberg - Johnny Whoop and the Brain Machine

Zack Zupke - Frank's Place - Brandy

Mitch Holden - C.A.R.E.S.S. “The Pit Bull of Despair”

Jason Rothberg & Will Gavett - Haus Rules

Jameson DeSantis - Reheated “Pilot”

Itai Inselberg - Space Show

Elias Plagianos - Shoot Me Nicely

Jeff Cross - Fugitive Cougar




TV - Drama


Cory Huizar - Flintown    *(TV-Drama Winner!)

Diana Djurcinovska - Traffik

Tamara Smith Roldan - Placed

Marina Eve - Virtua

Penny Pennell - Capital Crime

Edem Wornoo - Elite: The Black Abyss

Gabriel Brugni - The Gallows

Jackie Thornton - Chamber Music

Michael Perri - Nick The Hat

Ryan Vanderhei - Laplace’s Demons “Revelation”


***Congratulations to all of our Finalists and Winners, you should all be very proud of your work.   Special thanks to all of the hard-working writers that entered their screenplays and teleplays this season.  So many great scripts were submitted, we only wish we could give awards to them all!  Have a great summer everyone and keep on writing!


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