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Follow the 4 simple steps below to enter your Screenplay in the 2017 FILMMATIC Screenplay Awards Competition.  We look forward to reading your work!



Season #2 of the FILMMATIC Screenplay Awards Competiton is open to short and feature-length works.  Competiton is broken down by the genre's mentioned in the Entry Form below.


The Filmmatic Screenplay Awards were created by the staff to locate and expose up-and-coming screenwriters, as well as to empower and educate those talented writers still waiting for their invitation to the mainstream industry.  Please check out for industry news, film reviews, festival updates and networking opportunities!  


You've worked hard on your screenplay, and our staff and Judges are excited to read your work.  Entries can be made via the form below, or through the FilmFreeway or Withoutabox systems.  All Winners and Finalists will be announced by September 15, 2017.



1)  Fill out the Entry Form to the left;


2)  Attach your screenplay file (PDF, etc.);


3)  Submit the form;


4)  Remit your entry fee via the              

     appropriate button below, thats it!

Remit $30 Fee Remit $45 Fee

 Standard Entry Fee                   Short Screenplay Entry Fee

(Screenplay and Telepay)


*  Once your entry form (with screenplay attached) and your entry fee are received, our staff will send you a confirmation email welcoming you into the competition.  Please allow a few business days for the confirmation message



.*  Results (100 Finalists, 10 Categorical Winners, 1 Overall) will be posted on this site and announced on by Sept. 15, 2017 after all entries have been judged.  Award emails will of course be sent directly to all Award Winners and Honorable Mentions as well.  GOOD LUCK!

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Earlybird Deadline - April 30, 2017


Regular Deadline - May 31, 2017


Late Deadline - June 30, 2017


Extended Deadline - July 31, 2017


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***Absolute Final Deadline is 7/31/17